Reviews for "-Pain Engine-"

This is what plays in my head every time a gym teacher towers over my head giving me a detention.

I like the dark mood and distorted drums at :10. All the dissonant chords at :43 set the scene really well. After a while, I think you overuse the chords a bit so that it loses its "shock value." I can't help but feel that you didn't do a lot with the treble range in this track, and it seems to be lacking some melodic content. Also, the ending was pretty sudden. While I like the energy and sense of direction in the piece as it is, I think it would be worth it to slow down the pacing sometime and give it a bit more overarching shape and structuring. Still, nice job with the mood and instruments. I can totally picture this in a video game, probably haunted house-themed. :)

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! I kinda felt that way myself, that more could be done near the high-end. maybe I'll revisit it at some point :)

Other wise known as my brother...

That's some heavy bass you got blasting through my headphones! Nice work!

One of your best.