Reviews for "-Pain Engine-"

Finally a badass song that doesn't have any flaws. Well done.

Vedy good oooo :333

This song feels so alive!!

Ahh finally I run into a serious Rivithead sounding track. I'm a bit new so I'm still exploring all the sounds on this site. I like where it goes after 1:00 you let it hang with an abstract bridge and bring it back. The orch hits are well used and not over used either which makes it flow nice. The Dnb elements after 2:00 carry it well. . .

The only recommendation I would make is trim the mids in the mix a bit. I know MP3 is horrendous for industrial noise and the headroom it requires in terms of audio fidelity to shine but perhaps scooping out a bit of the mids will help separate the rhythmic tones from the distorted bass allowing their interplay to stand out a bit better.

Nice man very nice

A nice change from your usual music, I like it :)