Reviews for "The Jellyfish Disaster."

like lex luther

yeh, you have a better voice for this than your mate dan. anyhoo, you spent too much time on this... use your skills for the forces of good rather than... ha was gonna say not very funny but this is making me chuckle in places... but seriously, the track is a bit budget but has some good ideas musically. fuck it, yeh, dunno what i'm saying apart from 'paddle faster' bro...


Pretty lame. But I probably better then I could do at making a rap


like 4 :O

do you sing ? ... :O ..it.. lol?.. cause it's funny... and ... not you're voice if it is, the song.. check my stuff out ^^"" the ones with }=- are the best... the rest sux ^^"

jrayteam6 responds:

Yeah, my buddy Dannu raps the first half, and then I do the second half.