Reviews for "Haruhism in Stained Glass"


I'd bow down to her.

Our God is an Awesome god!

Well, i just got a new background, lol.
Excellent work!

I love this anime

Motter Gottes! That is beautiful! Did you do this with real glass? Or a painting in the stain glass style? Either way, I can see why it is your most popular work. It is extremely beautiful, keep up the amazing work :)

DeliciousOrange responds:

It was done using colored plastic pieces mounted onto frosted glass (actual stained glass was too expensive to work with).

That's amazing! Hahaha I love that anime and this is just so matching with the whole story and what the whole anime is about hahaha! Imagine seeing this in a church, fuck yes XD

DeliciousOrange responds:

It was very fun to make. I'm glad you like it.