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Reviews for "The BassHunter Song XTreme Mix"


mine has 38 downloads, 5 reviews, and used in a submition. plus, a 4.83 rating. ;)

good luck topping that!

DJ-DaVinster responds:



The best! :P

Great song! The sounds are very nice, and I love to hear this version! Sometimes it's to heavy, but that doesn't make it boring... It still keeps very nice!


I've never heard the original version of this song but on its own this song sounds awesome especially the beat that starts at the very beginning. I don't totally know what people mean when they say to use EQ but i kinda like how all the sounds just sit on each other. It gives i a very loud and powerful sound.

Mastering much?

This song would definately be atleast 25 times better with a little mastering... Its simple, throw a compressor or two in there, to clear it up atleast...

Anyways, the song itself was nice, but was so muddy I wasnt really sure what was going on, it all kinda blended together! But I could really feel alot of effort comin off of it. I espeicially like the triplet melody, and the piano... But again, the mastering kinda threw me off...

You are using FL studio, right? I really like the strings and pads you used... And the plucked sound near the middle was real nice. But again mastering! BLEH, mastering can make or break a song... And in your case, it came damn near to breaking it. Seriously, upload a mastered version, and it would sound like a totally different song. There was a lot of diversity throughout the song though... Oh well, Keep up the good work I guess.

DJ-DaVinster responds:

I guess we should've put a compresser in there, sorry.

Yeah, we were using FL Studio. Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for the review, I might put a mastered version up here if I have time to compress it.


I noticed that you siad that you have problems making your own melodies. Go to Download.com and look for a program called MG (Melody Generator), it is a very powerful melody generation program. Also Free.

As for a song review, it was very muddy, and some EQ is needed, however, I loved your originality that you injected into the song. Very nice.

DJ-DaVinster responds:

I couldn't find the Melody Generator on Download.com, can you just send me the link or the program? My email's vinny.giffin@gmail.com

Thanks for the review!