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Reviews for "The BassHunter Song XTreme Mix"


mine has 38 downloads, 5 reviews, and used in a submition. plus, a 4.83 rating. ;)

good luck topping that!

DJ-DaVinster responds:



Mastering much?

This song would definately be atleast 25 times better with a little mastering... Its simple, throw a compressor or two in there, to clear it up atleast...

Anyways, the song itself was nice, but was so muddy I wasnt really sure what was going on, it all kinda blended together! But I could really feel alot of effort comin off of it. I espeicially like the triplet melody, and the piano... But again, the mastering kinda threw me off...

You are using FL studio, right? I really like the strings and pads you used... And the plucked sound near the middle was real nice. But again mastering! BLEH, mastering can make or break a song... And in your case, it came damn near to breaking it. Seriously, upload a mastered version, and it would sound like a totally different song. There was a lot of diversity throughout the song though... Oh well, Keep up the good work I guess.

DJ-DaVinster responds:

I guess we should've put a compresser in there, sorry.

Yeah, we were using FL Studio. Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for the review, I might put a mastered version up here if I have time to compress it.