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Reviews for "Fell Fever"

I also enjoy the soft and glossy art style, and this is great for a first attempt. But, that also means it's not perfect. The guy's hand seems to move a bit more than is really necessary and can be a little distracting. I also had a hard time telling where the lady's mouth was, and even wondered if the skull she was wearing was her mouth. And mayyybe turn the BGM down just one or two notches.

However, the details of the movements of everything else are nice details. I liked the internals shots and how that was taken into account for the sound design. The sound design was also good and sexy, and the music itself was good. I look forward to seeing more of these regularly and to see how you improve!



The art is super gorgeous in a soft, glossy kind of way, but it feels like some elements are kinda...default. The guy has this detailed coloring on the hand that implies a reptilian design, but every other aspect of him is just a single color and soft. Likewise the girl has this great, interesting head design with the mask and the scarfed mouth, but then she's just a homogenous detail-less shape of a plump girl, even to the point of not have areolas.

Also more of a small nitpick, but if the girl's mouth is covered by the mask, it'd have been a nice touch to make the voice actress sound like she was muffled a bit by it. As such even the voice acting just has a well executed, but default sound to it.

KabsCorner responds:

That's all super fair criticism! I really appreciate you pointing all this out to me. I'll definitely keep it in mind when working on my next project :D

honestly I agree with the mad friday fella, the song's a banger.
of course the porn is hot as fuck though