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Reviews for "-Badlands-"

This is great, Predator!! Even though you might be unhappy with the results, there's a lot you should be proud of in this track, especially to do with sound design and the amount of little details you've placed here and there. The bit at 2:00 was rad and I really liked those bass sounds. The mix is super clean and tight.

If I had any criticisms...Hmm...It feels like *something* is missing and I'm not totally sure what it is. I like spacious mixes, but everything feels a little too dry. Everything's also quite in the foreground with nothing gluing it together in the background. Do you use much delay and reverb in your mixes? I can hear a tiny bit, but I'm not sure. I think what I'm sensing is that your mix is good, but it isn't very "deep" in that everything is right up front. I hope that makes sense and I'm keen to chat about it more if you like!

All that being said, you've done an amazing job here! Always impressed with your stuff and I'm glad to see you getting better with each song :)

PredatorMusic responds:

This made my day, thank you! Yeah, a lot of little stuff is implemented in this track, a lot of panning effects too. Haha that is what I was aiming for, the clean and tight sounds.

I definitely use a lot of reverb in my songs, specially in this one. Reverb? Nah, kind of hate the reverb imo. Or at least in this track.

I totally agree, something's missing here. Also, you liked 2:00?? That was the part i am not so happy about...

Again, thanks man. Glad that you like my stuff!