Reviews for "Rig - Mindless Adventure"


stop being so good at making music, i feel self conscious now... how are you gonna live with that on your mind..??

I hope you learned something today, I am completly insane... :D

Nice loop anyway lol

Rig responds:

You're right...I can't sleep now. Not when I'm good at music! D:
Thanks for the support!

Mindless Adventure is right

And i mean that in a good way

This really sounds like something that would be on a main menu of sorts.

But agian its a loop so its not supposed to be a full song

(unlike stardust crazy) ^_^

good work :D

Rig responds:

And it IS on a main menu! :D



Stop being awesome


Rig responds:

NO >:C
Also, check out Stardust Crazy./\


This Song Is Awesome Yo !! :]

8 years later, still as awesome.