Reviews for "Rig - Mindless Adventure"

yo friend keep up the work

my rap name is mcl.

Rig responds:


good beatz

good beats mate keep it up i like it its got a good sound


There is a very cool mixture of sounds here. A little heavy in the delay and reverb department. The drums sound live?! Loop, or something you did?
And what else did you do to comprise this rich sound? I like the phat sounding bass, and how upbeat this track is!

5/5 -D/L-


Rig responds:

Thanks for the review! The drum sounds are sampled, actually. I just arranged them and added some reverb. Everything here was made with FREE SYNTHS. The bass was made with a vsti called FreeAlpha, and the melodies were made with an AWESOME plugin called String Theory 1.5. I highly recommend it. :-D