Reviews for "Rig - Mindless Adventure"


Scares me... And thats good! Ownage.

Rig responds:

THIS scares you? And my scary songs don't? Is it opposite day?


Whats the term for being the opposite of emo? whatever it is, i'm one now. and damn right i'm happy! TO happy, perhaps...?

Hammerypart says: Lallalala... oh what? Good song! Cya!

Rig responds:

Thanks, man! Check out my song Stardust Crazy - I made this into an actual song :)

awesome loop

it fits the title prefectly i can image a kid with a lolipop walkin down a street and playin around :D

Rig responds:

Haha, same here. Thanks!

Very nice loop, If only there were more loops...

... as good as this one! Ugh I can see me looping my brains out right now. Well you did a good job and I enjoyed it 10/10 the sound quality and such is really nice.

Rig responds:

Thanks, man! Check out my song "Stardust Crazy" for a SONG version of the loop! A song with LYRICS! I'm so happy, and you'll be too! :D


stop being so good at making music, i feel self conscious now... how are you gonna live with that on your mind..??

I hope you learned something today, I am completly insane... :D

Nice loop anyway lol

Rig responds:

You're right...I can't sleep now. Not when I'm good at music! D:
Thanks for the support!