Reviews for "Rig - Mindless Adventure"

Mindless Adventure is right

And i mean that in a good way

This really sounds like something that would be on a main menu of sorts.

But agian its a loop so its not supposed to be a full song

(unlike stardust crazy) ^_^

good work :D

Rig responds:

And it IS on a main menu! :D

5/5 10/10!

Catchy! And loops great! It really is foot-tapping music. lol. Nice work!

Rig responds:

Thanks! Stardust Crazy is the full version :)

Your audio is awesome

I loved the last 10 seconds. Couldn't stop tapping my foot. All your audio is so good.

Rig responds:

Haha, thanks, man! I made a full song out of it - check out Stardust Crazy. :)


could you tell me what influenced you in the first 20 seconds? It sounds eerily familiar...

Rig responds:

The ChordSpace VST - it's a free VST that sends chord data to whatever instrument you so choose. I was clicking random chord progressions and this one caught my ear.
Yes, it sounds like a song from Mario. But it's not. :)


This is a great mood lifting song, haha amazing.

Rig responds:

It's EVER so happy! :D