Reviews for "BUDGIE WHITE"


Sweet. So he's gonna be in kitty war? And so, is that a comic thats gonna be in the NG store?

dommi-fresh responds:

i dunno i was thinking of making it have its own site but it would be awesome if it went in the store.

i want to be that guy

amazing painting, that guy is freeking badass

dommi-fresh responds:

ha ha ha i also want to be this badass when i am in my 50's


I really like it... (Don't forget about my request :[ Thanks :])
This guy is freakin' shweet. *-* Craazy. :p ( I used a lot of smiley faces so that maybe I could coax you into drawing me something and not totally forgetting and what not.) Btw *Four thumbs up* Mm I don't have four thumbs.

dommi-fresh responds:

it has been done my boy

Heheh nice.

Just badarse dude, I love the level of detail in his bionic arm, and the design of his axe. and everything else.

What inspired this?

dommi-fresh responds:

everything that is heavymetal dude!

This is awesome.

I must agree with the good sir below me. This guy needs a game. In fact, maybe the Kitty Wars comic should be turned into a franchise with a couple games!

dommi-fresh responds:

that would be epic