Reviews for "Karbon - Pico's On Acid [MAC7]"

Great Job

Pretty cool to listen to over and over and over again!! And over!

XD super duper!

nicely done. love the 8 bit style. It makes me smile :D

Only one thing. You should make it longer! I'm sure everyone else agrees.

i agree with the other guy

This definitely must be finished and DnB'd

Sick track man.

How pissed off would you be if I also told you to turn this into a DNB?

haha, umm, joking aside, sick track. Deffinatly doesn't put me in a trance, but if this had the bennefit of a longer track length (as in, not a loop) this could probably build really good. I see this as like, a chill funky break down section after a long haul. The melody is really cool, the way it dances around some notes here and there. Deffinatly one of the better comp entries I've heard yet.


I must say that was an awesome little snippet.