Reviews for "Karbon - Pico's On Acid [MAC7]"

A+++ for Mystical Ninja town-esque.

More than anything, this reminds me of the Snes Mystical Ninja/Goemon games. It has the same kinda light hearted melody and instruments!

If I were making a parody or Geomon town-esque thing, I'd probably use this!


that's frigging happy, man. I don't think a DnB mix woulda sounded good, it's awesome as is. It has a seriously happy melody with the pitch bend to help. The drums are excellent and fits as if it was a part of the melody. The little organ makes it sound kinda tivolish. Awesome work!

Sick track man.

How pissed off would you be if I also told you to turn this into a DNB?

haha, umm, joking aside, sick track. Deffinatly doesn't put me in a trance, but if this had the bennefit of a longer track length (as in, not a loop) this could probably build really good. I see this as like, a chill funky break down section after a long haul. The melody is really cool, the way it dances around some notes here and there. Deffinatly one of the better comp entries I've heard yet.

ummmm hmmmm

The piece is good but I dont think it belongs in the the trance section, im hardley in a trance listening to it. makes me think of some jessica simpson song rofl. Its definitly good but not trance I dont think

i agree with the other guy

This definitely must be finished and DnB'd