Reviews for "-Wingless-"

Wow, I gotta say I am just jaw-dropped. I really hope to do a collab with you real time soon, pls respond and great song!

Well, you were going for a Zelda style, and you nailed it. You mixed Zelda with some more energetic styles as well. I gotta say, the way you've put this together is amazing. I like the acoustic guitar in the background. I've always loved your style, even when you've made something similar before. You always innovate with your music. There's nothing you can't do to surprise us.

Very Well done Chris, 5/5.


Great Job Waterflame!!
You made a lot of people happy :D

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! :)

So happy!!!!

How do you even mix this, is perfect!!!!

Very great job as always mate!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks :D I spent a loooong time on this mix. But I mixed it like I always do these days, a EQ on every single little sound. all tweaked individually, forever, until it sounds good enough. This just turned out a lot cleaner! Mostly because it is not focused on bass, something uncommon for me, lol