Reviews for "-Wingless-"

I can slightly hear the windwaker inspired bit of that music.
It really reminds me of that game. So if that was intended: Good job!

The great song! Very good Waterflame

Amazing as always, Waterflame! I wouldn't exactly call this orchestral, but it's a killer, fun, bouncy track and I really enjoyed every moment of it!

A happy and unbeat track, though not sure I'm really getting a 'wingless' vibe, it feels like there's almost too much going on for limitless flight, more like an invigorating run through an old forest, a grand adventure, something that could feature in any kind of epic oldskool RPG. Definitely have something different to it too. Nice work!


Sweet. this sounds like a quest theme for an RPG like final fantasy or adventure time. 5/5 bro