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Reviews for "KILLTOONS 3"

It was ok not the best but not the worst.

It was a strange clip. I noticed that the stupid chicken was involved in alot of the killings. I do not think you will be able to make another because you are running out of cartoons to kill but it was an ok I mean it got me to do something for a while.

Please Don't kill these Cartoons:

Jimmy Neutron,The Fairly Odd Parents,Danny Phantom and Beavis & Butt-head! If You make KillToons 4,Don't kill them!Or,you can make them survive.

Perhaps YOU did'nt. But...

I noticed one scene where a chick blows some superhero dude away with a red lazer beam. How the F,.uck could you do that scene with so many lights?! Some poor Epilepsy kid could watch that and get a siezure.
Would you want that to happend? Think clear..

Nice blood effects there.

But why didn't Marvin the Martian die? He sucks! The super saiyan chick was really cool!

sorry about the reveiv on the first part