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Reviews for "KILLTOONS 3"

Ha I thought so...Samurai Jack couldn't lose.

I wouldv'e been sooooo disapointed if Samurai Jack lost. He's just not that type of guy. Plus it would make the fans really unhappy. Thanks for not killing samurai Jack.

I was kinda worried at first. Samurai Jack was like my childhood hero.

no that wasnt that good

heres the funny thing this is rated t yest the other 2 are more violent and rated E

wtf man!?

oh so you kill mario in the first one and in this one you dont kill samurai freakin jack!and then woodstock ends up dieng.wtf man!? sorry if i offended but still

Not as good

not as good as killtoons 1 or 2. i hate the death of woodstock. make the 4th more like the old ones, woodstock uses tommyguns, flamethrowersw and pistols. you should have squashed the lanky bastard that killed woodstock. what the f*** is wit the music? what about another ramones song? or maybe rancid! that would be much better

this movie is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's so funny this movie is made me stop breathing!!
it's so style and sick !!!!!!!!! i love sick things!!!
i espeacialy love the part with mickey mouse!!!!!!