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Reviews for "KILLTOONS 3"

what a tool.

good series, i like the ending. the guy before me sure has a hard on for ya, don't he?

heres an idea

1in #4 make the bird come back as half robot or something
2make the bird have like 2 knives and a gun and sword (i think thats kool
3(heres a linup of who i want to die) cloud from ff7, jack (to get him back),the gundam guys,the tmnt(teenage mutant ninja nurtles),goku and them,spongebob +friends,bender from futurama, jimmy nuetron and friends, the star warz crew, and the lotr crew
4try to make the sword stuf more realistic with sparks and all that
5definetly more blood. and when jack and bird/robot fight make jack almost win, and then birdbot jums and slices off jacks arm and make him say " Jack, I am yor FATHA" (and when people said u stole it, blame me) try to get back to me and reply to this and tell me what u think k

2nd one was better...

That bird was annoying,happy you killed it but you didn't kill jack???the whole thing was slow and if you did faster deaths and didn't had that bird everywhere it would be better.don't let cartoon characters kill each other or at least not every time.

Space Ghost too?!?

How could you kill Space Ghost? And Marvin the Martin? I thought you were gonna take out Jack too. Obviously Samari Jack is your favorite cartoon. #2 was better that this one, this one felt really slow paced compared to #2. You really overdid the whole Woodstock thing (I'm pretty sure that's Woodstock). Here's a tip to get better reviews: Kill ANNOYING cartoon characters, not the cool ones. Better luck on #4.


seriously dude, what the fuck is up with the stupid chicken?!?!