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Reviews for "KILLTOONS 3"


Best parts was:Pokemon and samurai jack scene.I was very surprised when i saw that Samurai jack didn't die.

not as good as your others

your others were better, this one was alot slower that your others aswel. but still it was ok as a cartoon

Not your best but. . .

It'll squeak by with a "C". Quality. . . not so good, animation.. . heh. Sound quite good though. As a fan of Samurai Jack, I'm glad you didn't kill him. I've got a suggestion: Kill annoying videogame characters!


WHY?DID YOU HAVE TO KILL PIKACHU AND NOT SAMURAI JACK! WHY???!!! P.S I only gave you a 5 because when pikachu died it didn't show blood.

But cmon space ghost!!

Space ghosT!! but i liked Rock the house by the gorillaz!
Nice choice of song
Oh i dont mind the pokemon stuff...lol...
now for samarai jack, that show i dont like
well overall its a good flash.