Reviews for "-Dark dreams-"


Fav song on Newgrounds.

Master Neo Is the name for you

WoW i didnt expect this song....I though it would be Loud and Pumping but this is so....calm....It would go great with almost every game like halo,final fantasy,Ect....

Keep up the great work dude!


I can only say I REALLY enjoy this song! Great rhythm, rather calm but "assertive": not irritating, not annoying, simply a great track. You really have talent for this, Waterflame! By the way, I was introduced to it in Unreal Flash 2007.


I think this is the epitome of the perfect song on newgrounds. There's nothing wrong with it, it has great replay value, it's nice and calm, it's catchy, it's original. It's the perfect song.


That was a great track, I love listening to it, keep up the good work!