Reviews for "-Dark dreams-"

Awesome! d-_-b

This song makes me think of a battle against unknown enemies within a world of darkness. Very well made! Two thumbs up! d^_^b

Insanely good!

This is one of my favorite Newgrounds submissions. The opening is beautifully entrancing yet dark on many levels. I love the instruments you use throughout. The conclusion--nothing short of epic. This song could easily murder a stereo system and get away with it.

Your best work to date, Waterflame.

It took a while, but I really like this song now.

When I first heard this song, I liked it, but didn't really pay much attention to it. I was enthralled by your other works. But one time I just sat down on a long bus ride and LISTENED to what this song had to say. Almost instantaneously, this became one of my top favorites in my rather big Newgrounds playlist. The climax is so chilling and hypnotic.

This is going to sound really, really cheesy, but when I hear this, I think of a drummer playing in front of a haunted mansion at night. He must not be all there in the head, because, well, he's outside in the middle of the night with the supernatural not far away - but his tempo is epic and steady, and the camera (your point of view) starts to swing around slowly, following the rhythm, and steadily viewing the house.. As you reach the climax, visions of the dead start to become visible around him. The tempo picks up, the point of view changes erratically. At points your vision is cloudy and swirled. By the end of the song, the drummer has vanished. All that's left is his drum kit, sitting in front of the broken, haunted house.

Anyway, that's what I thought. I wonder now if you ever had something inspiring like this, because that's what came to mind for me. Amazing work, once again. Definitely something I'll be listening to over and over for a long time.



Very Unique and crafty

I like all the patterns and craftiness of the riffs in this song. Especially near the beginning I suppose. Even if this is an old song in the large mess of songs you have.