Reviews for "-Dark dreams-"

i do

really love this song, so mysterious and cool.
and it did well in Ether cannon. More more! the newgrounds people wants more

All of a sudden...

You know what? I guess I'm a closet Drum N' Bass fan and it's your fault! So... thank you lol.


I might remix this. I won't post it Newgrounds without your permission I promise but I'd like to get in touch maybe on AIM or something. I did a version of Emotion Locomotion I'd like you to hear. Peace man keep up the good music.

Truly Epic Song

This song is amazing. Just listening to it makes me feel like I am part of some dramatic attempt to save the universe. Ether cannon enhanced that experience. Looking forward to future pieces.

This is possibly the greatest song I have heard on

This song is cool!!!!!!!!!
and Golgothas whats an audiological experience?

Excellent piece, man!

I heard this song while playing Ether Cannon (which is a kick ass game), and as soon as I finished playing the game, I immedieatly went to this song, posted a review saying how cool it is, and downloaded it. I'm going to add you, the artist, and this song to my favs.

And also, I agree with NeZiaK, you should make the insane part at 2:30 waaay longer, for it only lasted about 30 seconds. And that was my favorite part of the song also. Anyways, great job, 10/10! :D