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Reviews for "Time For Punishment"

No way man!

There is no way that I would say this song sucks dude. You really amped up the kick ass-a-tude. I love the middle bridge, it just made my head bang like crazy!

Keep it up. I'll be watching you closely.

TheRealSam responds:

Alright man, but please don't get too close when I'm taking a shower... XD
Thanks a lot :)

"Time For Your Punishment! Feel MY WRATH!!!"

This is an AWESOME SONG!!

TheRealSam responds:

Well man THANK YOU ALOT!! :)

Not too bad Sam.

I was getting down with it, just not what I like best with Metal. Good work though, keep it up! Loved the guitar, not so much the drums however.

- The God-General

TheRealSam responds:

Yeah, I did the drums with FL Studio integrated drumkit so they don't sound that great.
Thanks a lot man :)

Does not suck...

I Really do enjoy this....why would it suck?

TheRealSam responds:

Lol, well thank you a lot!
Read the answer I gave some posts ago to know why I think that all that I do "suck".

Yes I know it does not suck !!!!!!!! Lol

Its awesome man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And like some guy in the review said, it never gets old

TheRealSam responds:

I hope you're right!! :)
Thanks a lot :)