Reviews for "A Place of Misery (complete)"


It was a really good heavy metal song, it brings back memories of when I used to listen to this kind of stuff a lot.

The vocals were great, along with the guitar part. I felt that the bass wasn't strong enough and the drums needed more "oomph." I hope you know what I mean.

The part where you say "yeah, bring it, yeah, sing it" you sound slightly bored. Try and put a bit of spark in your voice next time.

It was a great song though. One of the first heavy metal songs I've heard here with good vocals AND instrumentation.

Keep up the good work!!

-A Navij11 Review

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks alot, man. Ooomph eh>? Yeah I agree. After a billion times of trying to get it to a key that fits in the song, you forget to include the inspiration that made you write those lyrics to begin with...hahaha.

Thanks for the awesome review, man!\m/