Reviews for "A Place of Misery (complete)"


wow man thanks! thanks for finally getting some real good quality on da portal man this is good clarity is awesome! i could even hear ur echo in da background...wow anyways ur gettin da five from me ROCK ON!! *\m/*Thanks for your vote, mickster! You voted 5 for A Place of Misery (complete), keeping its score at 5.00.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks alot for the awesome review! I do have to say there is much more higher quality stuff on the AP, than mind. If you look, you will find them.
Thanks for the kick ass review, though..and glad you liked it!!\m/

Great shit man

Glad to see that you finished it man, and if you didn't know(you probably do, but I'll say it anyways) this song made number 2 on that weekly favorites list, so congrats on that, nice to see metal on that list for a change. But anyways, it turned out sounding great, awesome singing, and great guitar playing, and as someone else said on here, it's not often that you hear a metal song on here with great vocals and instrumentation, which this song definitely had. My only complaint would be the solo at the very end, I'm not sure if it's just the downsize of the quality to fit it on Newgrounds that made it sound sloppy or not, but that seems like the only thing that would really need fixing up. Other than that, it's an awesome song, good job man, keep up the great work.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks alot, man! Yeah, that solo. Everytime I eq'd the song, It started to fade. Then I had to drop the quality a bit from 192kbps, to 160 for it to fit on NG. So with all that..it lost alot. Also, it was a shitty solo to begin with...because in my "infinite wisdom"(which is bullshit) I had to have a wah on the solo...on the original raw version...it sounds badass as fuck.
Anyways, I'm way too lazy to redo the solo..haha.

Thanks for the awesome review!\m/

Very Good!

Super! Just SUPER DUPER! Well, anyways. I loved the engineering of this song. Very well put together. Indeed. The only reason I gave a 9 for overall because I didnt like the song that much. Dont take it personally. It still deserves great credit. 5!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

haha, thanks alot man. Just not your style of song?
Thanks for the awesome review, even though you didn't like the song..hahah\M/



Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:



Just try and listen to this without headbanging!

Realy, realy cool song. Totaly infectious!
Loved the vocals, and the production was pretty damn crushing! Pitty you had to lower the quality but still a great song nonetheless.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks alot man! Glad you liked the tune.
Yeah, it didn't kill the quality too much. But glad you enjoyed the tune, man~~\m/