Reviews for "A Place of Misery (complete)"

Just a little bit awesome.

This reminds me somewhat of Pantera. Back on topic, I love this song. The slightly rusty lyrics are epic, and the backing guitars are just eargasmic. Keep this up!
(P.S. Can you put lyrics in the description or is it too late?)

i cant think of what is better

in the fucking music,i cant figure whkich one is better,the one without the lyrics or this one
makes me wanna put ppl in misery,and maybe revive sudam housane and make him workk fer me!mwahahahahahahah

Xxbring the bloodxX

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, well looking back this far...neither were very good IMO. I should redo this. Yeah.
Thanks for the listen and review!!\m/


Damnit man, people can only handle so much GOD at one time!
I'm gonna have to pm for the higher quality.
Great vocals, creative lyrics, great instrumental (from what I can tell) an a-fucka-mazing song.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I should redo this with my better quality everything. :D....In fact, I like that idea.


Kinda... generic... and not at the same time. It sounds just like a Metallica cover with some extra distortion on the instruments. It was kinda interesting at the beginning.

Cool vocals.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks. Generic means sell able. haha. ThankS!

Power Chords All DAy.

Rock on brother. \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds: