Reviews for "Evan's Shit Luck"


why did you put pepito stomping him are you a fan of jhonen vasquez i think hes the best over all good movie but do you like jhonen vasquez please respond

UglyBastard responds:

Yeah i like Jhonen Vasquez but i'm not exactly the world's hugeist fan of him, but i've read some of his comics though.:) Oh yeah and teh pepito thing, was just for laughs.:p Should i have put squee in there instead?

not too good...

I didn't like this one too much :(. It was a bit boring, but he 1st and 3rd takes I liked. It was wierd. Who the hell is that dancer with the spinning head?! lol. I really don't know who the people are meant to be. Good effort, but your movies can be much better :).

UglyBastard responds:

Yeah, I admit this one ain't as good either cause this one was one of my first flash movies i've made. and yes this was sorta of an inside joke. but it was a good effort though like you said. Thanx for the review.


lol its so dumb its freakin funny

i liked the nuking at the end

lol that was so gay its funny

wat the hell was that?? lol

- - - -

Well i guess this was a good shot for a first try at flash. Was this an in-joke of some sort? All im saying is that maybe you should experiment a little more before you post something that people are supposed to enjoy. I gave you a 4 for trying.

UglyBastard responds:

Thanks :)

|0| This is not my only movie on here. Check below the "other submissions". But it's sorta like "good times" if you've seen it.