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Reviews for "Evan's Shit Luck"

((( UGGGG )))

Ok well i guess its ok for your first, but should prob check your layers cause i can see some of the othe layers from thease layers, ohwell, maybe next time...


- - - -

Well i guess this was a good shot for a first try at flash. Was this an in-joke of some sort? All im saying is that maybe you should experiment a little more before you post something that people are supposed to enjoy. I gave you a 4 for trying.

UglyBastard responds:

Thanks :)

|0| This is not my only movie on here. Check below the "other submissions". But it's sorta like "good times" if you've seen it.


Wow, it sucks!
I know that u spend a long time on this, but this movie have no sence!

check id 78077

This is what I had to say the first time: Man, the artwork was very good, the music in place... Too bad that the story sucked so bad. You had a thing going before the rock came down. Try to make something bigger in this style!

But whay did you upload it again? Without ANY improvement? It has been blammed before and it might be blammed again because you're too lazy to improve upon yourself. Which is the number one basis for arrogance.