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Reviews for "Gun Kitty Shorts"

I loved this. Amazing work 💖

Really funny and filled with great character moments. Really shows how good of a writer you are even if the animation is stiff

Had a blast watching through this. One thing though is to work on making the animation more smooth than stiff. Cant wait to see more. ;)

GirlyWolfPup responds:

Will admit, I am just starting out with animating and while I'm no where near the quality I wanna be at yet I've always learned through doing and the improvements I've made even if small are proof enough to me that eventually I'll be animating at the level I aspire to.

Thanks for enjoying and commenting, it's very encouraging.

It's hard for me to say it, maybe it's because I haven't gotten to read the comic yet and therefore don't know them well enough, but the jokes didn't do it for me.
I mean, the voice actors did a good job and I know that Benjamin can make some good scripts as seen in his videos.

As I see it so is my score not gonna be as high as some others, but there may be a chance I will appreciate it more after reading your comic.

GirlyWolfPup responds:

I would also say it could be that the style of humor just isn't for you personally which is entirely possible.