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Reviews for "8-bit Theater 2"

Yoshitaka Amano and Tetsuya Nomura would like this.

I still can't get over on how this series is very well done and renounced this.

Bravo to all Cast! BRAVO!!! Certain wish you could have made more than 5 parts to this...

This is the best in the series! I really love these voices. I appreciate how there's always something going on. I really did find myself liking these characters! Fighter wasn't that stupid. Eh, they probably get worse later on.

I wouldn't be surprised if Brian did this himself. The sprite work was fantastic. It was nice to have a coherent story. I think this is a word for word adaption. I haven't really read the original comic.


"Twin Fisted Monkey Style Attack!!!!!!!!!!!"
And B.Mage's ultimate spell-
If you could really do that in the games it would be SWEET!


I don't know how it's possible, but Black Mage just got awesomer with that hadoken scene. BTW, I think the outtakes rule! Especially the ending
"And to all I wanted was some armor that's invincible!"

Still so entertaining..

I haven't watched these original 8BT animations in a long time, and they're still INCREDIBLY entertaining. TLF, you've done a great job with Brian's work.. such as it is.. and have made it more entertaining than I thought humanly possible. Props to you, my good man.