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Reviews for "Emerald Eyes"

Lovely yo! Very nice composition. Minor thoughts on the bounce file itself, I think the source file is a little too quiet. Even though it sounds nice through my headphones, I think some might have trouble getting it to a nice volume through the medium they're listening on. I enjoyed the composition, but I think you could've used a few more obscure extensions of the chords you were using. Some dominant 7s, half-diminished, etc, in some other places in the song to give it a little more character. I'm not sure how long you've been a composer, but this is just my two cents. Everyone has their preference. Lovely composition, I hope she liked it!

MarkySpark responds:

Hi, Thanks for that. She is still at work but she will listen later. I've been composing for 30 years and this composition took about an hour today. Peace.