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Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers"

great game

I heard johnny rocket fingers was gettin made into a nintendo ds game, congrats


That was the most awesome flash game that I have ever played! You know, Johnny could have a future... listen, in the future, I'm gonna be a games designer. If I become the head of a project one day, I'll use your character design for the most 'suppish' guy around! You'll get most credit, of course...

<Ahem>.. uh.. what was I supposed to say? Oh yeah! Johnny ROX!! MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!!

you are the stick god

you are amazing at this the stick game was awsome but what happens when Jhonny runs in to fight the gang members you will have to make a part 2 i guess


This is one of the best stcik games I have watched in a while. I woul love to see the next one if you make one. Only a few words I can say, Great, Awesome. Keep the good work up!!

i agree with blink twich

this flash kicks some awsome ass i give it two thumbs a big toe and a ear lobe way way up