Reviews for "madness massacre"

dang some crazy anger

Yes you are mad!! :) Not quite a massacre but it feels like some some crazy dude is like trying to hunt someone down and the person is like screaming for his/her life. You already got blammed too!! That sucks. I like that one sound you use which I can't explain. Basically the high pitch scratching sound thing. Mood is great. Always like those evil fight like music scenarios? It's your style so keep up with it. Suggestions is maybe less fuzzy saw pad. Besides that , techno is supposed to repeat so no faults on diversity though I would like more. So 5/5 voting and can you sample my preview song (only techno song I have so far)? Any suggestions on what I should add to the song? I'm stuck right now. I already got tons of feedback what to fix instrument wise so I'm good on that. (whaa? my songs on NG?...yep well that site I told you about seems to be stalled forever....so now I have no site cept NG to post my songs on again. )Bye for now


i like the sadistic feel of it


dis hurts its so awsome


Is so awesome! I might even DL it. The only problem is that the synth doesn't stay on rhythm with the drum. But don't listen to what I say because it's not like I know what I'm doing when it comes to music... LOzzLe.

Sounds pretty nice.

Kinda disorted at the beginning. But it gets better, nice!