Reviews for "Eggs"

Rated... mature? Seems these little critters are way too little to be at that level yet. :P But cute work, and all in an egg carton like that... even cuter! Potentially morbid though that may be.


Jcdr responds:

Ah yeh rated mature just in case that butt at the left is too much lol

gardevoir's eyes look gentle. Shiny's eyes look slightly bigger and more innocent/kiddy in a way.

lol roserade XD Can't wait to see more art of roserade and what you'll do.

Hmmm...now I Have to wonder if the three other unhatched eggsare just there, or if it means there will be three other gorgeous mons to be revealed? =o

Plot twist: There's at least one digimon mixed in there lol (or maybe something else...)

Got to say, this is a god damn cute scene right here mate, Nicely done. God I think Shiny Gardevoir is def on my top list of fav Pokemon.