Reviews for "Tear Down That Wall"

I came here for the George Bush samples. Please tell me you plan on sharing those in a .zip somewhere. And if you do, let me know.

Also, for a song dressed up as both a contest entry and a shitpost in one, this is lit. Nuff said.

Quarl responds:

lol, thanks for the words. I just uploaded a zip file to mediafire for you. Peace ADR:


Hahaha love the Bush samples! That drop is soooo freaking cool. It's like morphing my brain
all over the place.


Quarl responds:

<3 <3 <3

Ahahaha excellent. Politicians through vocoder, always a win!
Need some mtv video clip with mr Bush from da hood walking downtown, blinged and dressed as your local rapper.

Quarl responds:

Its not often people suggest imagery for music in their reviews. I will consider this alternate reality when I have some spare cash to do a music video :)