Reviews for "Punker & Xtrullor - Icarus"

Sounds like The Armor of God drop. :) Not bad! Good song, but imo little boring. Good luck!

Everything you can made yourself or with someone became a piece of art... Everytime... What a genius you are...

DJRadiocutter said that the intro is too quiet, but I think that dynamics-wise that's okay. The intro just feels too long, like, we know that something epic is coming up, but the intro makes the hypothetical listener wait too long IMHO. Otherwise, and as always, there's the usual amazingness - mixing, structure, idea development, etc.

All of that being said, this is definitely an awesome song for GD.

I feel like the intro is too quiet. i know that's what you were going for, but maybe make it a little louder? The build is awesome, and l like the side chain to the horns / Brass section you did. the drums hit too hard for this track, i think. Maybe take some high end off the snare or something, like if you used it, take off the "Fruity blood overdrive" or just turn it down, or anything really.

Love the melodie, but there's just a few things that need work ;)

4.5/5 Stars


PS: I'm actually about to put out a track i've been making for days now with your style in it with the phaser basses and orchestral stuff :) so... yeah, that should be it ;)

I like how its melody makes me feel super positive! Great work over here.