Reviews for "Punker & Xtrullor - Icarus"

I like how both of your styles shine here at the same time. it feels like equal time was spent on each other's parts.

I really like this actually one of my favorites from you because I am not the biggest fan of the crazy complex dubstep that you create, even though I like it I would prefer something like this where the melody sticks out a lot more. Awesome song bro, can’t wait to see more upcoming projects from you! <333

First section up to the first mini-drop seemed pretty good, although a little plain at times when the bells were absent. First drop was pretty nice, although a bit of a loud boomer at 1:34, which could be toned down, and then there was a weird snare-thing that came at 1:45 which I didn't particularly like as it really didn't fit with the atmosphere created. The drop at 2:00 was fantastic though, with some really powerful drums and some incredible orchestral parts! (like always :D)
Overall, some things need to be smoothed out, but it's still a great song!

Ehh, I really don't know what to say besides it doesn't feel like an xtrullor song, I know that isn't helpful at all but \_(:/)_/

MaN. This one rEaLly reminds me of The Armor Of God. It's really good. Especially because of the
melody at 1:12 and the drop. I wish I knew how you did this. I might be your biggest fan (no hate).
Also, how did you come up with that name??? Oh well, keep up the amazing work.