Reviews for "8bit bEtty - Fall Upon Your Sword"

Happy Pixel Day!

If I'm being perfectly candid, I don't generally have much interest in vocaloid productions, but this track is more the exception than the rule. The music and vocals are so perfectly melded together, it just...works. Beautifully.

Fantastic melodies, deeply rich harmonies, highly imaginative and well-written lyrics, and some truly fantastic percussion elevate this straight to my short list of favorite tracks this Pixel Day. The only thing that bothers me at all is that sometimes, when the instrumentals are particularly rich and harmonious, they tend to drown out the main vocals somewhat. Beyond that, pure gold.

sleepFacingWest responds:

Thanks! That’s something I need to work on. I’m heavily influenced by shoegaze and typically just use vox as another layer in the instrumentals a la “my bloody valentine” but I realize this can be problematic in a more traditional sort of song structure.

I'm not sure if I can say anything that hasn't already been said. This is so unique and great! I adore all the melodies and chords, and the lyrics fit so nicely. Happy (slightly late) Pixel Day, and nice job on the Front Page!


The chords aren't really complex, but the melody make them sound completely unique. Great job.

This is amazing haha. It's like GLaDOS is back again :D

In the beginning it was like going back to Zelda all over again, but then... evolving into something completely different there! :D A real song, with clever lyrics, melody, energy, a somewhat toned down and hard-to-hear vocaloid song sometimes but... it really flows with the instruments too. Love the melody, but for hearability: think the voice is a bit low.