Reviews for "Mario RPG - Try the Mushrooms!"

5/5, 10/10, faved AAAAND ...

... when I put up my flash game Mario Mario: Ace Attorney, I can't say that you didn't help out just a little bit.


this relaxes me alot thxs for making it

Let's have a thought

It is possible... just maybe... that THIS person... could be the person who has the song elsewhere... and is posting it here!!! WOW.... imagine that.... good song, regardless of the fact if its yours or not, im giving credit to the song not who posted it... the real artist, whoever it is, knows he did the song and thats what counts /rantoff. 5/5 10/10

It has been awhile.

Your piece is nostalgic. That and theres a few extra added instruments in here than the original. Good Job

I say ...

If ladyphantom or anyone who gave u a score similar to what she gave, then its obvious they are not aware of the origin or inspiration of this song.