Reviews for "Mario RPG - Try the Mushrooms!"

This MIDI is called SMRPG Cave remix

familiar style and still good

sounds good, I'd say i prefer this as the original. If anyone has played any of the .//hack games this sounds like one of the field tunes in style.

I say ...

If ladyphantom or anyone who gave u a score similar to what she gave, then its obvious they are not aware of the origin or inspiration of this song.


great song, please watch it on the badger animation lmao

Good Idea, Needs Work

I really love the drums. It gives a nice, aesthetic feel to it that gives good backing and support. Aside from that, however, come my problems. The pan-flutes seem a little too light for my taste and from there it goes downhill. 1:02-1:09 it seems like dead air, right there. Personally, I think a remix is in order, because your ideas are awesome, and I can follow it to that letter, but it really needs some help here.