Reviews for "Mario RPG - Try the Mushrooms!"

Well done

I love listening to this Mario RPG music

5/5, 10/10, faved AAAAND ...

... when I put up my flash game Mario Mario: Ace Attorney, I can't say that you didn't help out just a little bit.

very nice

haha sajo must not have seen this was the remake of the forest maze.

sounds too much like chronamut's gen0s f0rest

sorry, try a little bit harder :(


wow, this is fantastic, very well done and might I add that the jungle sound to it sounds so amazing!
im curently learning this piece now on my guitar, hopefully i'll upload my very first audio recorded by myself onto here ^_^
hmm...maybe ill upload tetris...and mario =/
bah whatever, this piece is pure genius, i love it!

L-Jay responds:

wow im looking forward to your guitar songs! PM me please, if you finished it :D