Reviews for "Mario RPG - Try the Mushrooms!"

As good as - if not better than than the origonal!

I'm sure that every fan of the game is now aware that Super Mario RPG became available for VC download on Wii shop channel on September 1. All questioning it take my advice: BUY THE GAME. Irrellivant, yes, but still... Anyway this is definetly one of the greater audio submissions on the portal.

Ive heard this on VGMUSIC

I think you copied VGMusic...

RPG all over again!

Just listening to this reminds me of getting the game off my friend, playing it all in a few days, and just going back to the forest for mushrooms, and the song. XD

Kick ass

What software/samplers are you using sounds like those savage songs from Monkey Island!

O_O oh wow

Wait a sec! I've heard this exact style of Geno's Forest somewhere on the Net. You made this song!? Oh wow, you're awsome. I love the contrast of a softer version and more....mystierious forest.

you got an instant 10 from me man