Reviews for "Mario RPG - Try the Mushrooms!"

Let's have a thought

It is possible... just maybe... that THIS person... could be the person who has the song elsewhere... and is posting it here!!! WOW.... imagine that.... good song, regardless of the fact if its yours or not, im giving credit to the song not who posted it... the real artist, whoever it is, knows he did the song and thats what counts /rantoff. 5/5 10/10


Why do people steal other's music from vgmusic? I'm giving 10 for the music but really this has got to stop.


i though it was pretty good the only reason why i put nine is because i though it coulda used a more ummmmmm... marioie touch u know wat i mean anyways that guy 2 posts below is a total jerk dont owrry i got your back :D

Ignorin the Arse below this review....

Yes it's a common song, but a great song none the less. and this is a very good remix of it. I've heard a god awful amount of remixes to this song too. Definitely one of my faves. I usually like the remixes to be faster, brasher, but you do the calm serene feel very well...and it loops smoothly too. Too calm for my likin, but definetely gets a five outta me.

gd but ur G@¥

yeah gd song but i mean wth u copied a song wow great job lol comon im jsut gona 0 bomb you so should evr1