Reviews for "Mario RPG - Try the Mushrooms!"

a new classic is born

I love it. It keeps that feeling of nostalgia throughout the whole song, and i agree with TheLoneTerran, you can keep this on loop while doing other stuff and it will never get old. You get all my five r's and ten ratings. BE LOST FOREVER IN THIS FOREST!!!!!!

Heh... Noice...

I love how the beginning starts off like the beginning of the "Paper Mario's: Yoshi's Tribe" song. It has that native/ jungle feel throughout the entire song. Loved it.


Awesome favourited


I love being able to leave a song on loop for a long time and not have it become dull or annoying the slightest. Excellent job man.

It has been awhile.

Your piece is nostalgic. That and theres a few extra added instruments in here than the original. Good Job