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Reviews for "Super Meat Boy Comic Cover #2"


it looks like an old classic comic! nice work with the colors and perspective :D


Meatboy is awesome! Your art is pretty good! Just added to favorites.


I don't care how much your username sounds like it should be the title of a porno video, I think you should spend a little more time on this site and learn what something is before you just blindly call it unnoriginal.

Second of all, art portal reviews are supposed to be regarding the quality of the ART, not the original-ness of it.

Can you imagine how many parodies of pokemon and other things go by? It's because they're parodies. They're not supposed to be original.

This, however, is completely original, and, for the record, doesn't look anything like Domo.

And, now that I've schooled porno-boy over there, NICE WORK, EDMUND!

I'm definitely gonna check this out.

Very Nice!

Awesome work man, I really like the job you did here with your shading as well as how you've conveyed emotion in characters that are simple shapes.

You've made me a believer, I'm totally checking out the comic.

make more, game is awesome

Edmund, you need to make more meat boy comics. The game is awesome and I really want to read the whole comics and I don't want to wait until March to read it. You're awesome. Thanks!