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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"


I never even saw the first one... holy crap!

Loved it!

That was fantastic! Definatly one of my fav'scant wait to see the next one.

Some constructive criticism.

More and better/difrent sound effects for the fighting.

When you go to a fight change the music to somthing fast paced.

Change the text on the Error screen from reg to somthing easier to read on that green background.

this thing is KICKASS MAN!! make more!

Duuuuudddeee...i hope theres gonna be more cuz that wuz soooo awesome lol

it was cool

it was a cool movie but 1 slight problem on the loading screen u spelt mission wrong u spelt it misstion :S

the best

you make the best. i love this serie. how long for part 4 ???

the girl get's better and better