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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"


I didnt understand the thing, first she kills the vampires, then humans, whos fucking side is she on? Also, the fight scenes were a bit bad, just to damn choppy. Killing on, with a hand knife thingy, then all of a sudden she had a gun, and was right up on a new vappie. And how it didnt even look like the vappies where even trying to fight, most just stood there and got shot, stabbed or cut. And what was up with that one vappie who got shot in the face? Why wasnt he pale and stuff?

I was great

It was great but I really liked the frist one much better

The Ownage of Ownage

Holy shit. This owns.
Just a few things to fix.
Action a little slow
Crappy pistol sounds
Mediocre voice acting, someone who just sawn his firend get his skull split wide with a machette would not tank like that. Try "Buffering" the audio (like trough a walkie talky if you know what i mean)

Great stuff.

Well cool art,and nice violence but,

its just another 1 line bad ass bitch who kicks all ass with no mercy. been there seen that. you have a good art team,the sound and feeling in the voice could be better. over all i enjoyed it. but in some aspects it sucked

this one kicks ass

like i typed this one kicks ass