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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"

Bloody Excellent.

The only thing you people should work on are the sounds.

its not the movie.... its you!

i only hate the kind of person you are...

So fixxed on the violance.... so pathetic!

why not all ppl like to see other ppl smile?

Waste of my time?

I have this problem.. when my ears tell me, "na gut, ist ja Rammstein, toll!", my eyes somehow expect violent, beautiful and symbolic imagery to follow not long after. So obviously, if what they see instead is pure shite, tremendous disappointment follows.

Hmm.. I notice many dislike the voice acting in this thing. Well duh? Recording anything requires quality equipment and appropriate surroundings. I have to strain myself to hear what the characters are saying, and what little I hear is so horribly cliche it's almost painful. Bad acting doesn't make the picture any prettier.

Oddly enough some people actually like the graphics? Evil! They're horrible. Anime is a very difficult style to master, and if you don't, just don't try to pretend that you do, ok?

The animation is hardly believable too, except for that half a second when Badly-Drawn Buffy Ripoff does a backflip. For the rest of the movie there's no good use of perspective, no atmosphere, sloooow cutting for an action scene, the characters are all completely rigid while they're being massacred by a girl who keeps changing proportions, etc.

I could go on, but I don't wanna. Just weird that this is on the front page in stead of, like, the Recycle bin where it belongs.

Worst Voice acting Ever.

"As for the voice acting and sound effects we wanted to have little to no emotion and we tried hard to get it. We wanted the cartoon to feel that way just ask any of our voice actors who were asked to redo lines. As for sound effects some people like it others didn't."
Whatever. It just sucked.
It hated it because i couldn't understand a godamn thing any of them said! Which is why i didn't know what the hell was going on.
"Blah dead, men geytdaj af'kjg"
What the fuck?
Thats all i heard.
Plus, what I COULD heard was cliche, gay and trite.
"Whyaf can't he reshpond?"
"Because hesh ded."

HAHAHAHA. Very funny.
Whoever Made this: Grow up, it takes a lot more than violence and good animation to make a good flash movie. This gets a ZERO.
By the way, it should be noted that I myself couldn't do any better. But that doesn't take away my right to give this movie what it deserves: A ZERO

I t was i bit shit

allright not the best just a bit shitty